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Let’s discover and taste a noble white variety from Lazio Region, strong and delicate, following these 4 steps:


  1. Find the right bottle – Malvasia Puntinata IGT Pietra Pinta di Cori 2016
  2. Open and pour – Straw-yellow color with slight greenish reflections
  3. Smell – Intense and with strong floral and fruity notes: chamomile, jasmine and ripe apple, aromas that tickle the nose and give this product a truly first-class elegance.
  4. Taste – It shows a great personality and persistence and a notable structure that, if served at a temperature higher than 12 ° C, fills the mouth and enchants the senses.


The Pietra Pinta winery is located at the feet of the town of Cori in the province of Latina, not far from Rome, and consists of many vineyards and olive groves.
One of the qualities of the “Pietra Pinta” winery is the continuous research of the natural taste of the individual grapes. Therefore each wine follows a particular process that tends to preserve all the characteristics of the native vine.


A white wine with a marked delicacy and fruity aromas that delight the palate as if they were brush strokes of a masterpiece.

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